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Our Twin Ferrule compression tube fittings accessories have been carefully manufactured to withstand the demands made of high performance tube fittings, such as high pressure, vacuum, vibration, temperature and impulse. The compression tube fittings are manufactured to exacting tolerances using the most modern and advanced computerised automation.

Our compression tube fittings are composed of four parts: Body, Front Ferrule, Back Ferrule, Nut.

This compression tube fitting is a mechanism used both to seal and to grip tubing. The mechanical advantage and geometry of this kind of fitting produces a leak-tight assembly. To assemble, simply insert the tube into the complete assembly until the tube bottoms-out against the shoulder of the fitting body. The two ferrules are driven forward between the nut and fitting body using the mechanical force created by rotating the nut clockwise. The back ferrule is driven against the tapered rear of the front ferrule and the front ferrule is driven by force into the tapered mouth of the body.

The rear ferrule is swaged radially inwards on the tube while lifting the front ferrule out to form a full-faced seal on the tapered surface of the body. The 1 1/4 turn of the nut from the hand tight position assures consistent drive of the sealing members. This ensures an effective seal against high pressure as well as ultra clean conditions.

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